Jackie King

Of Counsel

Jackie King has experience in all aspects of environmental law practice including the environmental aspects of real estate transactions and due diligence, regulatory counseling, and complex litigation. She has represented the interests of clients involved in a variety of industry sectors that include banking, gas and petroleum, capital investment, manufacturing, agribusiness, construction, and nationwide retail establishments.

Jackie has advised clients on a wide variety of environmental issues associated with corporate and real estate transactions. Her work includes the planning and execution of corporate due diligence related to environmental impacts; preparing and negotiating contract language in asset deals and real estate transactions; resolving environmental issues prior to closing; negotiating compliance agreements with administrative agencies to facilitate the transfer of ownership involving properties that may otherwise not be marketable due to environmental impacts; transferring permits; negotiating reimbursement from state trust funds for investigation and remediation costs to facilitate property transfers; assisting clients with post-transaction contractual claims for indemnity; and counseling clients on issues relating to disclosure requirements for environmental liabilities.

Jackie has successfully counseled clients on compliance and permitting issues involving state and federal law. She has utilized state voluntary clean-up programs and risk-based solutions to achieve administrative closure for contaminated properties. She has advised clients on prudent disclosures of potential violations of federal and state law discovered during due diligence or as part of internal facility audits.